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“I think being a part of a show that’s so emotionally connected to what’s fundamentally important in life definitely spills out into our life with our families.”“The most recent episode made me call my parents and just say ‘I love you guys, and thank you so much for being incredible parents and doing such a good job with my brothers,'” she said.“I think playing parents on screen now, you mainly sort of understand that it’s not easy and no one is perfect.”Playing parents to three children, the duo admitted they’ve since developed parental instincts and bonded with the younger members of their cast.It looks like Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend is no longer Hayden Panettiere, because the couple broke up and their brake up did not shock many people, because they saw it coming because of a simple reasons.

alum, he had nothing but praise for his on-screen leading lady. She is amazing."However, there is one bit of homework he has yet to do on the actress—watch her unforgettable performance as Lana in "I saw clips of her singing, but I haven't seen the actual full movie," he admitted to E! While he has fortunately heard Moore's rendition of "Stupid Cupid," he doesn't intend on getting shot by one of Cupid's arrows on set. if he thinks it's a good or bad idea to date co-stars, he candidly responded, "Bad idea—don't shit where you eat." Perhaps he's speaking from experience—Ventimiglia did previously date his He certainly didn't want to make the wrong move with Fergie, who he starred with in her 2007 music video for "Big Girls Don't Cry." "The best was hanging out with Fergie and the worst was when it was over," he recalled. Once you have nabbed yourself a partner, grown-up Jess suggests keeping things equal. So it looks like Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend was given the ultimatum either she marries him or else they end their relationship.It looks like Milo was really serious about Hayden and he has wanted to marry her since the day that they met each other and this looks normal, because it is time for him to get married but it looks like the former Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend is too young to get into this kind of relationship and to get married.that fans are convinced the two are dating in real life.Sorry, to burst your bubble, but Ventimiglia says they're not — and his reason totally makes sense. , Ventimiglia said it's best not to date your co-star.

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It looks like the time when they both dated they did not go out in public because of their age difference at first but latter on they stated about their relationship and now it was time to end them because they are going in different directions and Hayden is no longer Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend.

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