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Her husband, meanwhile, has been seen out and about with big time environmentalist and Democratic donor Elizabeth Keadle.Now, suddenly, simply everybody wants to know more about Allen, a once low-profile photographer and wine connoisseur who has been married, had a son, and was so discreet through it all he left few tracks in his wake.At that time, Poole says, Allen told an associate “he was going out with a woman in California” (Tipper now resides in a plush million manse in Montecito) and after the pair were photographed at an event in Santa Barbara in February, the tom-toms started beating.Although Poole worked with Allen for many years, he too was startled by the relationship.

It seems as though Tipper, 63, has found a new man.The scandalous interspecies relationship may shock and appall Washington society, but in a way, it also makes perfect sense for the former vice-president, whose love of nature apparently knows even fewer bounds than previously realized.The Post reports that the horsewoman, who goes by the human name Liz Keadle, is a Californian and a major donor to the Democratic Party and environmental causes.“He was a safe choice to run the magazine, averse to confrontation.He liked being sucked up to and did not make waves,” reports Poole.

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