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From a notice printed in JOHN CARMICHAEL, Engraver, begs most respectfully to intimate to the Gentry and Inhabitants of Sydney at large, that he now resides at the house of Messrs Mc’Naughton and Rowell, apothecaries, No. returns his sincere and grateful thanks to those who have hitherto honoured him with their favours, and ventures to pledge himself, that none who think proper to employ him will ever have cause to repent their kindness and Patronage. miniatures from two to give guineas; transparent window blinds, painted to order, landscapes copied and all kinds of fancy work done in the neatest manner.” His first known artwork done in Australia was the watercolour portrait done with ink on card.6, King Street; where he means to prosecute his profession, in all its various Branches. Orders executed with the utmost promptitude care and dipatch. John Carmichael have signed it as ‘drawn by John Carmichael, 19th December 1826, Sydney New South Wales’.In 1842 regular mail service was carried by steamer between Melbourne and Sydney, and the first mail packet from Britain arrived in 1844.An act of 1848 reformed the postal system and authorized the use of stamps; the first stamps appeared on 1 January 1850.As the plates of all fine engravings, only print a limited number of impressions, and these of course, the most perfect at the first; it is therefore respectfully suggested to those who may he desirous of obtaining copies, to insert their names and addresses into the subscription list, as early as possible, so that they may be supplied in the succession of their applications.Subscription Lists, now lay open at the Bank of Australia; the Bank of New South Wales; the Sydney Gazette Office; the Australian Newspaper Office; the Monitor Office; Cummings’ Hotel; the Royal Hotel; the Australian Hotel; Hill’s Rose and Crown Tavern; and, at Mr.

In 1838, Raymond introduced envelopes embossed with the seal of the colony, and available for local mail for 1¼ pence each instead of the 2d charged letters paid for in cash.Between 18, John Carmichael had worked non-stop in producing engravings, drawings, paintings and printings, as well as lithographs.To know certain number of his works cannot be achieved, however there is at least 13 known advertisement works John have done.M’Naughton and Rowell’s, King-street, the lodgings of J.Carmichael, the engraver and proprietor.” Images of “The Select Views of Sydney, New South Wales”: Cover page ( Other images in this booklet: Sydney from Hyde Park ( Sydney from the Domain near Government House ( Sydney from the Parramatta Road ( Sydney from Woolloomooloo ( Sydney Cove between Fort Phillip and Dawes Battery ( George Street from the Wharf ( Quite impressive, huh?

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