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X509_STORE_CTX_free(ctx); X509_STORE_free(s); I hope this helps. As I stated earlier, if you find other pieces of information useful, let me know and we’ll get things updated.Similarly, if you find that any of the examples don’t work, let me know.Load Xml(CType(node List(0), Xml Element)) If signed Xml. i would appreciate if you could tell me how you fixed this problem. I am also facing the same problem from the last 3 days and Check Signature() method of Signed XML is return false everytime. I have written following code to validate my signed XML.

We can create a store based on a particular file with the following: It’s worth noting that self-signed certificates will always fail Open SSL’s validation.While this might make sense in most client applications, we are oftentimes interested in other errors that might be present.We validate self-signed certificates by adding them into a temporary store and then validating against it.Thanks to Jordan Whitehead for various corrections. Does anybody know how to validate a signed XML against X.509 certificate (public key certificate is provided) in . The Check Signature method has no way for me to specify which certificate to be validated against. From Base64String(SAMLResponse) s Decoded Data = BC.

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