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Pheoby warns that Tea Cake may be using her for her money and tells Janie that she has stopped mourning for Jody too soon.

Janie dismisses these admonitions, saying she shouldn’t mourn if she is not sad.

They stay out the rest of the night at the lake, and in the morning, Janie has to sneak Tea Cake out of town to avoid gossip.

She loves the impetuous adventure of the whole evening.

You are going to be so proud when it’s done and you’re going to send me emails and Instagrams and snaps showing the beautiful finished product that brought your Christmas morning brunch status to BAKING ROCKSTAR.

Tea Cake doesn’t come back for a week, and Janie, thinking that he is taking advantage of her wealth, decides to be rude to him when he shows up.

We are talking about a homemade brioche stuffed it with a cream cheese raspberry filling and drizzled with the simplest of powdered sugar glaze type of situation. Those of you who have been around this blog since Christmas of 2013 might remember the beloved, disastrous, embarrassing daughter-in-law moments of years gone by. So naturally I fell in love with him so I could marry into the tea ring family. No, but seriously – in a weird twist of fate, we both grew up eating these beauties.

Janie doesn’t believe him, thinking that he can’t possibly be attracted to someone so much older than him.

She tells him that he will feel different in the morning. The next day, Janie anxiously frets about Tea Cake, who doesn’t return.

You can most definitely change up the filling – maybe even go super minimal with a cinnamon sugar situation.

And if you need to start with pre-made crescent sheets before launching into the world of homemade brioche, no issues with that whatsoever. Essentially what is happening here is three things: It reminds me a lot of this cinnamon pull apart bread but in circular form. sugars in this recipe as we do in many of our dessert recipes (like so and like so). is that they pay attention to quality, obviously, but just as important is the fact that they also care about things like sustainability and Fair Trade prices for farmers.

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