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The support team talked about it often and discussed ways to help the family. They all came to company functions, we all held the adorable baby, and so on. No one told me and I only found out the day of the funeral.

My manager and the owner of the company went to the funeral, as did several of the production employees, but no one spread the word.

He told me I was being “way too emotional” and that it wasn’t his information to share. Obviously it was a super sensitive topic and of course an employee shouldn’t have to talk about it if he doesn’t want to, but should management have given the support team a quiet heads-up?

In general, managers do let people know news this devastating, unless specifically asked not to — if for no other reason than that helps people avoid innocently asking “how’s the baby? It’s possible that your coworker asked your manager not to share the news.

I feel strange about having someone going through my trash every day.” But of course, you risk this leading to a lecture about separating recyclables better, and if the person is senior to you, it may not be something you want to use up capital on. Is it appropriate to not tell employees that a coworker’s child has died?

I worked for a small company with about 50 employees. One of the employees in the producer area had several children, and while I worked there he and his wife had another child with a severe birth defect.

But it’s probably more likely that your manager isn’t very skilled or experienced around handling this kind of thing and genuinely did think that it wasn’t his to share. Explaining to people why I’m revoking their coworker’s remote work privileges I’m new to management — I was initially hired as a peer to my coworkers and was unexpectedly promoted to be their manager a few months ago — and your site has been absolutely invaluable in helping me figure out how to be an effective manager.

For some background, I am a project manager on a contract with a government agency and I have several direct reports.

But you don’t want revoking it to be a punishment; you want it to be a logical consequence of the work issues.He’s reached out a few times since then to see if anything changed, and I let him know they hadn’t.His emails have gotten more and more aggressive, but I have remained friendly and firm that there isn’t an opportunities. ” attaching a list of every job listing in his area (all of which are different and don’t fit his background — i.e., he has no cyber security background but wants to be the team lead). At this point, his persistence is beyond annoying and downright frustrating. You don’t have to respond to his messages, and he can continue applying and you can continue blandly rejecting him.You could say, “Hey Jane, this is a weird question, but by any chance have you been sorting small recyclables out of my trash can?I’ve noticed things like used Post-Its are being pulled out there and put in recycling and I wanted to touch base with the person who’s doing it.” If the answer is yes, you could say, “Would you mind leaving it to me?

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The agency has a generous telework policy and allows us to telework several days each pay period.

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