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This is a big improvement over the previous generation's 30-second buffer.The recorded files are in AACplus format, and they can't be moved off the device digitally.(The Pioneer Inno and the Samsung Helix have the exact same interface and nearly identical hardware.) Upon receiving the Inno, I opened the box and began to sort through the various accessories, including a home dock, home antenna, RCA-to-mini jack cable, AC adapter, travel power adapter, and a very nice carrying case.I was pleasantly surprised to find that they included in-ear earbuds with three different sizes of silicone tips.The Inno has 1GB of memory, and your only options are to use it all for XM content recorded directly to the device (which gets you 50 hours) or to use half for your stuff and half for XM content (which nets you 25 hours of XM content and between 7 and 8 hours of 128-Kbps WMA or MP3 files).I'm hoping they'll make this more flexible in future firmware updates.

Recording XM content is very easy—just press the center button and select Record.The button layout, which suits righties and lefties equally, consists of a large four-way rocker with a center button and three buttons just underneath the screen.Dedicated volume buttons and a power/hold switch grace the right side, and the dock connector is on the other side.And it weighs just 4.5 ounces, or slightly less than a 30GB fifth-generation i Pod.One big improvement over the older XM2go products is a 1.7-inch color LCD that supports graphics.

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From there, you can press the center button and browse by artist, song, or genre.

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