Perl updating zone files

Changing a DNS record, even a small amount, triggers a change which can take 24 – 48 hours for all the DNS servers around the world to receive. Liquid Web technicians find themselves in this situation when a customer contacts us to ask for a DNS update and we discover that we do not control that domain’s DNS.Locally a DNS change can take effect in a very short time, but because DNS is a caching system the caching servers around the world all receive the update separately over time. Quite often this is the case when customers utilize their registrar (such as Go Daddy, Network Solutions, etc.) as DNS providers.In the results, find the section labeled Name Servers or something similar (whois results very depending on the registrar that controls the domain). In short, the output is confirming that the IP address being used for ns1com is also owned by In the following example we will lookup the nameservers for and then find out what the IP address of the primary nameserver is and also who owns the IP: We start by running a whois on (note: The whois results in this example have been simplified for instructional purposes):$ whois === Domain Name: BUY. If one of our customers registers a domain name at Go Daddy and signs up for an account with Liquid Web, they have the option of utilizing Liquid Web’s nameservers to handle their DNS.This includes registering and subscribing the host(s) to the proper repositories, installing or updating certain packages, and setting up Docker and its storage requirements.When using the advanced installation method to install stand-alone OCR, use the same steps for installing a full Open Shift Origin Paa S using Ansible described in the full Advanced Installation topic.Open Shift Origin is a fully-featured enterprise solution that includes an integrated container registry called Open Shift Container Registry (OCR).Alternatively, instead of deploying Open Shift Origin as a full Paa S environment for developers, you can install OCR as a stand-alone container registry to run on-premise or in the cloud.

Before installing stand-alone OCR, all of the same steps detailed in the Host Preparation topic for installing a full Open Shift Origin Paa S must be performed.

But this customer could have Go Daddy handle their DNS while Liquid Web provides the hosting services only.

If the customer contacts our support team for a DNS change, forgetting that their DNS is at Go Daddy, our technician will run a whois request on the domain name, see that the nameservers are not Liquid Web’s, and inform the customer that they need to contact someone else for the change.

Remember, no matter how basic this check might seem it will help you avoid hours of lost time waiting for your update to take effect!

===Liquid Web’s Heroic Support is always available to assist customers with this or any other issue.

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