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Reading to your children or bickering with your spouse? The mundane is simple if you can cover the ridiculous.

Even mainstream media like the is starting to explore the basic options, but we've been there and done that.

But even I raised an eyebrow last year when I read writer/comedian Carrie Seim’s NY Post story on how she entrusted her love life to a virtual assistant in India.

It’s one thing to weed out dudes using their blurry photos and attempts at wit; it’s quite another to have some stranger pick your dates for you.

After suffering through too many disastrous fix-ups, I even stopped letting my friends set me up. Suresh, her VA, found her two amazing guys with very little guidance from her.

“I’m very type-A with all aspects of my life, so it was tough for me to give up the reins,” she says.

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I worked out a one-page "rules and regulations" sheet with all of the goals and guidelines, being sure to include links to girls I found attractive, must-haves and must-not-haves, etc. The experiment was 4 weeks long, and I got more than 20 dates. The best part was that I compressed all of those into three days and had all of the dates within 1/2 mile of my house.Bets were placed over a few glasses of wine, and so it began: I would outsource all of my dating for four weeks.Even if you would never consider doing something this outrageous, the results were beyond belief, and the process used to pull it off can be used for almost all personal outsourcing. Here are a few snippets of a recent interview about this experiment, which I labeled "From India with Love" on my desktop (Thanks, Donovan Glass! Me: Online dating is largely a numbers game, so I hired virtual teams of people all over the world -- India, Philippines, Jamaica, Canada, and others -- to compete against each other and set dates for me on an online calendar.I'll add, though, that every girl I had a second date with was told about the outsourcing. I needed a girl with the same odd sense-of-humor that I have, and if she couldn't find the outsourcing at least a bit funny, we wouldn't last anyway. Most of the girls called me a jerk with a smile but found it pretty damn funny. ) who got a Thai cuisine personal chef for next to nothing. Get Friday and Brickwork, two of the firms I recommend in , are overloaded with client requests since the book and appear to have a 2-3-week wait period. For others as impatient as myself, here are a few other personal outsourcing marketplaces where you can find your own digital concierge: 1. (this was used by one reader for a -per-meal private chef) 4. Do My Stuff If you've seen , arguably the greatest movie ever made, you'll be familiar with this: I triple-dog dare you. Stop being so damn practical and have some fun for a change. I had a few espressos with the CEO of Elance recently, and we were able to come up with a fun idea: off your first project on Elance.Those are the keepers who will keep me sane when I take myself and the world too seriously. " you might say, "But what about the most primal need of all, food? I started drooling just thinking of the possibilities... (this is the site I have used for the most projects, including the outsourced dating Olympics. could get you more than 5 hours of experiments if you play it right.

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