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Now: He's an advocate for the LGBT community and has spoken out against bullying. She was a writer and pursued journalism in college. The good news is the two of them are still friends. She was the "meatball sub" to Liberty's boring "oatmeal." She was dating J. Now: Unless you've been living under a rock, you know what Nina has been up to.

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The deceased spouse wasn’t perfect; comparing yourself to an image of a saint isn’t fair to either of you.

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First and foremost, you get to see exactly what kind of father he is going to be before you ever have to commit too much of your life to him. He’s probably going to be a pretty good one because single dads are usually in their children’s lives because they want to be.

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The photo galleries show off this expertise with interesting scenarios that we’ve mostly seen before, but have Saffy’s signature style twisting them up slightly.

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Casual dating is not automatically and necessarily “romantic” in nature but there is a possibility of it blossoming into a fully commited romantic relationship since it involves getting to know each other personally outside of the bedroom, as opposed to say a no-strings-attached relationship where the basis of the existence of the relationship is 99% sexual.