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Here are the 5 greatest clubs in Tokyo, and don't hesitate to show up at the doorstep tomorrow night!

Just a word of advice: Grab a can of The biggest club in Tokyo where you might find yourself lost in the crowds of 5000 people!

updated at Jan 23th 2015Admittedly, most shops in Tokyo close after 10pm as the Japanese youngsters normally head for an all-nighter at a Karaoke Box, a Japanese-styled Izakaya pub or simply squeeze in the last train back home.

However, if you are looking for a wild night, there is still one viable option left for you: Hit the streets and get down to one of the exciting night clubs in Tokyo, where you will be guaranteed an unforgettable night with the wildest party animals, love-hunters, amateur dancers or just bunches of fun-loving people!

That was nearly eighty years ago, and the Japanese have since become proficient brewers of beer, whisky and wine.

Yamazaki single malt whisky was even ranked the #1 whiskey in the world in 2015, much to the chagrin of Scottish distilleries.

While the country is often associated with these things, not every single citizen enjoys them. In fact, most Japanese people – especially younger ones – share a curiosity and appreciation for the Western world, and if you show respect for their culture they will likely extend the same treatment to you.

Everyone who has Japanese friends knows this is not true.

Recent articles on the nation’s declining population and marriage rates have painted the Japanese youth as uninterested in dating or finding a romantic partner.

Three dance floors, an outdoor swimming pool and numerous chill-out areas and bars: take your pick and groove to the blasting music.

It is located at Shin-Kiba, which is not exactly the most central spot in Tokyo, but you can take a free shuttle bus from Shibuya (Roppongi-dori street) that comes every 30 minutes.

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