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The service information at (excluding rates, the Fed Ex Express Terms and Conditions, the Fed Ex Ground Tariff, and the Fed Ex Same Day City Tariff) and the overview of services in the downloadable Fed Ex Service Guide are not part of the contract of carriage.

retail rates; these Fed Ex Express Terms and Conditions; the Fed Ex Ground Tariff; and the Fed Ex Same Day City Tariff.

IDG delivers the right buyers at scale exactly when they are most receptive to a marketer’s message—wherever they may be in the world.The Fed Ex Service Guide consists of the service information at and the overview of services in the downloadable Fed Ex Service Guide (U. Rates and service quotations by our employees and agents are based upon information you provide, but final rates and service may vary based upon the shipment actually tendered and the application of these terms and conditions. No other agent or employee of Fed Ex, its affiliates or subsidiaries, nor any other person or party, is authorized to do so."Billable weight" and "chargeable weight" mean the weight used to calculate the rate.The billable weight and chargeable weight are the greater of actual or dimensional weight.

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"Guide" or "Service Guide" means the Fed Ex Service Guide, as modified, amended or supplemented.

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