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“It became very clear that the real opportunity was to build a product that catered to women,” Lerner said.

“Our users asked for something that would help them handle men who were hostile and offensive.”Hence, Lerner’s new baby, The Grade -- an app that exposes how fast and often people respond to messages and the quality of these texts.

Older legacy services -- ones that start as a website and then build an app -- have pulled in revenue from exclusive services.

For example, market-leading dating site and Ok Cupid both have subscription models and are owned by Los Angeles-based IAC/Inter Active Corp, along with Tinder.

Juggernaut site Ok Cupid has a red-yellow-green light system based on response time, for example. All of our users are going to be high quality and accountable for their behavior. With about 100,000 downloads of The Grade so far, approximately 1,000 have been expelled and 2,000 are in danger of “failing.”The Grade chose to employ a system that was heavily data driven.

But new apps like Bumble and The Grade, partially piggybacking off "Tinder hate,” are digging more into user data as a way to increase transparency. The app will analyze message quality, including length, spelling mistakes, slang and hostile words.

The app will soon grant checkmarks (well, bumblebees) to users who maintain a quick response time and message ratio, complete their profiles and have never been reported for inappropriate behavior.“Bumble is like the Bernie Sanders of dating apps.

He ain’t gonna be the president, but he’s bringing the conversation to the forefront,” said dating app analyst and blogger David Evans.

Dating app Hinge, a popular competitor of Tinder, has a similar system that's free; it shows you what Facebook friends you have in common. But that still requires a user to reach out to someone else: a potentially awkward and time-consuming situation for #Generation Tinder.

In 2014, 37-year-old former Lehman Brothers analyst Cliff Lerner thought he’d found the perfect hack for online dating.

He created an app called Mutually that would connect people by the act of mutual swiping -- like Tinder -- but he added a twist: It also recommended date spots, powered by Yelp reviews. Mutually didn’t take off, but like a lot of failed ventures, the app inventor learned from it.

Lulu launched in 2011 as a website where people could submit reviews of men.

The app's not as text heavy as Yelp; rather, it is a rating system of numbers and hashtag phrases such as #Kissable Lips and #Work In Progress.

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