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She's got to get up and do something so she puts on her cast boot and heel and crutches down for a drink out on the veranda, then its back to the hotel room and some nice wram socks to put over her cold toes before bed.

He's going to the doctor with crutches and a black sock to see the extent of his pain. In the Store there is only Real situation cast, brace and crutching scene. - You are Victoria's clumsy friend that ran over her foot with your car.

At this point, Victoria wants you to rub and worship her feet to make it up to her. ============================================================= OUR LATEST CLIP: Angel LLC "Watch, my naked toes!

" Navigating the Office, poorly, in a Wheelchair When Angel the boss gets tired of crutching around the office after her injury because the crutches irritate her underarms, she instructs her assistant to get out the wheelchair they use for emergencies so she can get around more easily.

Bunkocast and his wife went on weekend cast adventure and Paul went along for the ride to videomemorialize the experience for you.

Margot broke her leg and dishes about the experience of wearing a cast while she lies in bed.

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