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Nowadays there is a certain sense of impunity among us when it comes to downloading certain copyrighted material from the Internet such as music, films or tv series mainly.On the one hand, I believe that we must be aware of what we are doing, because there is a lot of people working on the industry, and their job may be put at risk to a certain extent.The Thief Lord is a 2006 British-German family film directed by Richard Claus. Entertainment, Inc., Future Films Limited, Comet Film, and Thema Production. The DVD was released on 14 March 2006 and the one-disc edition includes a theatrical trailer that ran in theatres in Europe and Mosca's cartoon from the film by itself.It was nominated for the 2006 World Soundtrack Awards, with Original Music by Nigel Clarke and Michael Csányi-Wills.Once in Venice, the boys live on the streets, and the money Prosper brought quickly runs out.Bo becomes ill and Prosper is forced to resort to stealing cough medicine from a pharmacy.But on the other hand, film and music industry must adapt their strategies and change their approach regarding modern technologies in a yet ‘not so new’ (and I want to make a remark at that point) distribution network.

The film follows two recently orphaned brothers, Bo (Jasper Harris) and Prosper (Aaron Johnson), dumped in the care of a cruel aunt and uncle, who escape their impending separation by running off to Venice.The Stella is also home to three orphaned children Scipio has rescued: Hornet (Alice Connor), Riccio (George Mac Kay) and Mosca (Lathaniel Dyer).They steal from stores and Venice's wealthy tourists, but the majority of their money comes from Scipio, who goes on mysterious raids and always brings back treasures.The inspector wanders across Prosper and Riccio in front of a pastry shop and chases the boys when they run away.However, he is distracted by a friend, Ida Spavento (Caroline Goodall), and loses the boys.

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