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Well, my review will be the most different with others. I found some guys chat me, and yes I got some "sex" chat from them also.Some of you said that its an awful site, useless, etc. But, once I get that, I will stop him talking about that and they are all respect on it.So, if youre a narcissist, this is your place to be to feel superior.From the guys perspective, it would be very discouraging to write any meaningful message since you almost always never get a response- however, at the same time, the few responses you may receive might create a craving for a dopamine surge and reason to continue the cycle.A choice is in your hand whether you block him immediately or asking them to stop.

This gets the majority of the messages unanswered whether its coming from a guy or a girl.If youre a guy, this makes it awkward to write to another guy (who has all lady friends).This platform is designed like any other social media platform based on dopamine-driven feedback loops.I could say that I am totally agree with his opinion for the good people.I've met some great people on Interpals and despite the language barriers we've had good conversations.

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In other hands, this platform is such a great version from Omegle which you can choose whom to connect.

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