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His focus, ‘Change and industrial society’, became the basis for his path-breaking book: Beyond the Stable State.Schon’s central argument was that ‘change’ was a fundamental feature of modern life and that it is necessary to develop social systems that could learn and adapt.Both books show the influence of the work of his great friend and colleague, Raymond Hainer.(Donald Schon had been able to work through his ideas with Hainer, and to draw upon, for example, his exploration of pragmatism, rationalism and existentialism [Hainer 1968]).Pakman (2000:3) goes on to comment: The interest in metaphor expressed in that book, would grow years later toward his elaborations on “generative metaphor,” and its role in allowing us to see things anew.Thus, he was already showing some of what would be epistemological enduring interests for his inquiry, namely: learning and its cognitive tools, and the role of reflection (or lack of it) in learning processes in general, and conceptual and perceptual change in particular.In 1953 he began to teach Philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles. Concurrently, he lectured at University of Kansas City as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy.This was followed by two years of service in the U. Working from 1957-63 as senior staff member in the industrial research firm Arthur D.

The focus for his doctoral dissertation (1955) was John Dewey’s theory of inquiry – and this provided him with the pragmatist framework that runs through his later work.The time at MIT was very productive – and he was later to describe the climate of MIT’s Division for Study and Research in Education as especially conducive to thinking and research.While he was there he began a very fruitful collaboration with Chris Argyris.Little, Inc., Donald Schon formed the New Product Group in the Research and Development Division.Under the Kennedy administration, he was appointed director of the Institute for Applied Technology in the National Bureau of Standards at the US Department of Commerce (he continued there until 1966).

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