Deal with intimidating boss

Being an extrovert, I consider myself a pretty easy person to get along with.

I'm good at fitting into most situations, even when dealing with the many oddballs I've encountered throughout my career.

And as you're nodding in agreement, I bet one of these obnoxious characters has probably just parked themselves in your workspace to talk your ear off about their latest dating drama or their opinions about the casting of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie. Martin's Press, September 17), I interviewed CEOs, entrepreneurs, and tastemakers in a variety of industries about the many strange characters and situations they experienced during their climb to the top.

You're hard at work and then like thunder on a sunny day, they bust into your space and start chatting about... If they don't crash into the spare seat next to you, they drape themselves over the narrow opening of your cubicle, blocking you from the outside world -- aka freedom!

That's why it's essential to learn to get along with anyone.

This skill takes time, experience, patience, and a sense of humor.

Place your purse, your briefcase, your jacket, or an extra stack of papers on the extra chair or on the available space on your desk, so they can't park it for hours.

Annoying Coworker #3: The Office Bully This isn't like Johnny and the thugs from Cobra Kai, cornering The Karate Kid at the water cooler.

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