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A plethora of online articles asking women “what they really think” offer a pretty broad set of opinions, but let’s be honest, nobody is complaining about an average sized penis, especially if you know what you’re doing with it. In the interest of getting this article finished within a reasonable word count, I won’t quote the myriad doctors who’ve happily gone on the record and stated that penis enlargers are a load of bollocks.

Penis enlarger pumps work temporarily in that they induce a mild erection, making your flaccid penis look bigger than it normally would on the flop, but extended use of such devices can actually be harmful to the tissue.

These two studies are consistent with the vast wealth of penis data snaking through various academic and medical journals, though some researchers have admitted that their measurements could have been more precise.

If you’re looking to find out where you sit in comparison with your countrymen, then you can check the chart here, which ranks the average penis size by country.

Before you head over there, however, just a heads up that the average penis size in Australia is 5.24 inches (that’s 13.28cm), coming in at 92nd in the world for growing the low-hanging fruit.

It turns out that these preferences and averages are also well-documented within the realm of academic science, as many researchers in need of a new publication on their resume seem to have whipped out their trusty ol’ measuring tape and set out in search of dong data.

And the results of this Reddit survey seem to be pretty consistent with what they’ve found.

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One of the reasons for the study in the first place was the sheer number of young men visiting doctors, complaining of a small willy, when they were actually on or even above average (no doubt internet porn has helped create a, and I’m apologising for this pun in advance, when it comes to just how big a dick should be).

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