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The “Daily Double” type is likely a modification of Square 721, Bitstream’s version of Eurostile.

The game board has undergone various changes over the last few decades but the relatively unsophisticated style has remained essentially the same.

This one sounds like Rick Wakeman discovered a Moog and went rogue.

Meanwhile, a boiler-suited Anneka Rice hurtled around the countryside in a helicopter.12.

The composer said of it in 2014: "I'm not ashamed of it! I will admit to it: we all have to have our guilty little somethings! Big Break Say what you want about Jim Davidson, but the intro music to , it's sung by Captain Sensible and written by the Wombles' Mike Batt. Gladiators Unlike our '80s kids' show theme list, this is the only tune in the list to go down the epic-power-ballad, punch-the-sky style of song.

So, yes, we broke our own rule there, but we'd argue hardly any one knew that. Only watching five times in a row can get you more pumped up than this.1.

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