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assuming its a legit number, and this website can be trusted: incidentally, i love the plain white pick guard and would insist you procure one, possibly from the shop as a throw in.

i also highly recommend you shim the p90s, if needed.

although i use heavier strings, i keep it tuned down a whole step, as all my guitars are.

so it actually feels a little slinkier than my others, but i like the thing all the same.

This is everything from new Ibanez to vintage Harmony. Don't do anything dumb like try to play baseball with it, and you'll be fine. Yours will be even tougher cause the Epiphone has a thick slat of wood through the middle if I am not mistaken. While I hate to say it, Chinese guitars are overall well made.

(I do love my Ernie's)Well, in the Epiphone line, The Dot models and The Sheraton (which I have) are semi-hollow, unlike the Casino, which is a total hollowbody.many months and a few walnut splines later, its still holding. it was unloaded because the break was very vertical, meaning there wasn't a lot of material for glue to adhere to and it was awkward to clamp and such, so they couldn't really guarantee that it would hold.ideally, you'd want the break to go from side to side and not straight up and down, like this one did, hence the price, splines and ebay dice roll.If I'm not mistaken, this also makes the guitar a little more structurally durable. It can handle low to medium amounts of overdrive (much better than a Casino) but if you crank up the gain, you're still going to get the feedback problem with just about any guitar that is hollow or semi-hollow. I have a '72 Hagstrom Viking that's full hollow and the feedback on it sucks, unless you're controlling it like Ted Nugent and then it kicks some ass. I've had my Epiphone Casino for about 8 years now.The only major problem I've had with it is I had to get the input jack replaced after about 2 years of heavy use. I've actually dropped the guitar, brought it on airplanes, and bumped it into stuff and there haven't been any scratches or damages so it seems really sturdy to me. i had a fender tc-90, which was a hollowbody with p90's in it, like the casino.

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