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The use of the term "POST CARD" was granted by the government in 1901, and private citizens began using not only printed views, but having their black & white photographs printed on postcard backs. Postcard collecting became a major hobby, and nearly every household in the United States had an album or box of postcards.The "golden age" of postcards was from 1900 to the start of WW I.In 1907, over 577 million postcards were mailed, at a time when the US population was only 88 million.This number does not include the huge quantities of cards that were collected but never mailed.Deltiology, the official name for postcard collecting, is thought to be one of the three largest collectable hobbies in the world along with coin and stamp collecting.Postcards are popular because of the wide range of subjects, with just about every subject imaginable being at some time, portrayed on a postcard.

They also document our art, technology, social history and travels.Real Photo cards are exactly that -- they are printed on photographic paper with a photographic process, rather than printed from a photo or other image.Real photos were produced commercially to be sold, but many are one-of-a-kind photographs taken by families or individuals and printed by the developer on postcard backs.Collectors approach the hobby from many directions including, artwork and artists, publishers, historical events, photographs of people and places, images of their home town, and so on.At a postcard show you will find thousands of cards, all sorted and filed by category.

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The company would have photographs taken by its own agents and would also arrange to utilize photographs taken by others.

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