Dating bootcamp

I quickly realised the answer was quite a lot: from how to get a date in a shoe shop to complicated chat-up lines.

Then there were strategies to get phone numbers, how to find love at random places such as the zoo and making the most of group situations.

Rather than punishing exercise regimes ­ I faced something much more challenging: intensive lessons in how to chat up men successfully and how to behave on a date in order to make a great impression.

I’m 28 and have had three serious relationships but I have been single for the past 18 months.

This was harder to do than I thought but as Matt pointed out, if you don’t know who your perfect man is, how are you going find him? “So what’s stopping you from simply approaching an attractive man in the street and initiating a conversation? The key problem, he said, was fear of rejection so what we had to do was learn to take control and approach the situation head-on.

I went home on such a high that even getting a date with Mr Button didn’t seem outside the realms of possibility.

By day two I was exhausted as I dragged myself back to the group where we had a debrief about how the night went.

When I’d finished the person I had described had a strong resemblance to Formula One driver Jenson Button. He then broke the news that we would be heading to a bar that evening where we would be expected to approach men and engage them in flirtatious conversation.

The prospect of this terrified me but Matthew did his best to be reassuring.

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  1. But after a few months, they realize that most of the girls they go out with are not what they expected: Very often, they lie, cheat, party a lot, take drugs, cannot commit, and are way too materialistic.