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If a site consisted mainly of links to other adult sites, we moved on to the next Google search result.

Also, we did not use more than five pictures from any one site, since that would reduce the randomness of the sample.

We also skipped ads that were loaded from a URL which indicated that the same URL would serve a different image every time, since this would have made it harder for third parties to repeat our results.

If that happens, then if you still want to test the BAIR filter for yourself, you can collect your own samples sample of pornographic and non-pornographic images and upload them to a private Web site, and see which images are blocked by BAIR.) At each site, we downloaded and saved any images that showed bare female breasts or exposed male or female genitalia.(While certainly not all such pictures on the Web are pornographic, we assumed that any such picture displayed on a site that came up in a search for "titty fuck" "oral sex" would qualify as pornography.) However, we did not include pornographic pictures showing black or Asian models, because the BAIR product page suggests that BAIR relies partly on "flesh tone" (presumably meaning Caucasian flesh tone) in pictures to determine if they are pornographic: Obviously, if the exclusion of black and Asian models biased the test at all, it would bias the results in favor of Exotrope, by excluding pictures that are less likely to be blocked by their software.

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