Dating an objectivist

He made a decent chunk of change off his brain and is now semi-retired. That is because progressing beyond this level usually requires getting into your opponents’ heads, which Herbert can not do, as we shall see. He’s telling me that it makes no sense for him to pay into a pool that covers women’s reproductive issues and it makes no sense for them to pay for any prostate problems that he might have. So a drunk dealer sitting at your table is kind of like being a crooked mechanic and having one of the Real Housewives of Orange County bring in her Jag, saying it makes some kind of noise that seems to disappear whenever someone else is in the car with her.In general, Herbert is a reasonably nice guy and pretty cool to talk to. This other guy, who is a dealer at another casino, sits in the game. Every time it is the drunk dealer’s turn to act, he makes a big raise and everybody folds.Even the majority of people who are influenced by Rand, who do not go to these extremes, are being pulled by their own desperate need for affirmation.

Those in her inner circle believed she was genuinely superior to every other person on earth.This defense mechanism is a weakness that shows up in all of our thinking.But it is a cornerstone of the Objectivist mindset and Objectivism tells its followers that it is not a weakness, but a strength.But it is such a wonderful laboratory for human behavior. For example, this dumb little story works as a parable about objectivism and it could only happen playing poker.Even if you’ve never played poker, you should be able follow it easily. He makes some money at it, because he is very disciplined and plays in smaller games.

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