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It is just above Technical Sergeant and below Senior Master Sergeant.

The promotion to Master Sergeant is known as one of the most significant promotions in the Air Force, and it is the point where an airman enters the senior Non-Commissioned Officer tier.

You can't draw your retirement until you are 60 to 65 years of age. You can take your retirement money with you if you leave service prior to the 20-year mark.

You also have a choice to join the Blended Retirement System if you entered service between December 31, 2005 and January 1, 2018 or to remain enrolled in the CBS/REDUX system.

The Government civilian-employee equivalent of a Master Sergeant is paid under the General Schedule payscale.The DIEMS date is a fixed date and is not subject to adjustment because of a break in service and it is used to determine which of the retirement plans military members fall under. In addition, you get a bonus at 12 years of 2.5% of your annual base pay. You can continue to increase your retirement rate above 100%, which would be achieved at 40 years of service.You earn matching funds into your TSP account from the government.The cost of living adjustment is the Consumer Price Index minus one percent until age 62, when it is readjusted.CBS/REDUX system requires a choice at your fifteenth year.

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A master sergeant is a Noncommissioned Officer at Do D paygrade E-7, with a starting monthly pay of .

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