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His colleague, Agent Ziminova, enters to report that the team is ready to be briefed.

Bauer orders Reagan to lock the door, then tells him that he needs his help to treat his injury.

I’ve had both services in the past and haven’t really had any complaints about either.

I was looking for a pretty basic plan, nothing too fancy. It’s only been a couple days but I am pretty pleased so far and would recommend my local Verizon store over the local AT&T store.

O'Leary briefs Hadley on his assignment: he is to assemble an FBI team to track down Jack Bauer, whom O'Leary says is tied to the recent crisis, although how exactly is still unclear.

Despite O'Leary's disapproval of Hadley's typical methods, he says that finding Bauer is now the agency's top priority.

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O'Leary, after ending a call with DHS, brings Hadley up to speed: in addition to the assassination of President Omar Hassan, the city narrowly avoided a dirty bomb attack, aided in part by the Russian government.

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