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It’s also home to Loch Ard Gorge, site of a 19th-century shipwreck; the Island Archway, which collapsed in 2009; and the cliff-face Gibson Steps.Driving tip: If you’re only driving in one direction, start in Torquay so you’re on the ocean side of the road, making it easier to pull over for lookouts.It winds 243 kilometres along some of Australia’s most stunning coastline, taking in rainforest, sunburnt cliffs, shipwrecks, and, of course, the famous Twelve Apostles – of which there are now eight.

Driving tip: Petrol is really expensive on the Gibb River Road, and there are only two roadhouses along the way – at Imintji and Mt Barnett. For more head here: 7 wonders of the Gibb River Road The route: From historical Hobart to the exquisite Bay of Fires, this road trip follows the coast via St Helens, Swansea and Bicheno. Stunningly beautiful and blissfully quiet, Tasmania’s East Coast boasts bountiful produce including wine, cheese and seafood, walking tracks with ample wildlife spotting, empty beaches, and a unique convict history.Don’t miss: Be sure to take a little detour to Freycinet National Park, an area rich in granite mountains, peaceful bays, azure waters and prolific birdlife, and if you have time join the award-winning Freycinet Experience Walk.Driving tip: If you’re in the Apple Isle for a long period, consider bringing your own vehicle from Melbourne via the Spirit of Tasmania to save money on car rental.For more head here: the Perth to Ningaloo road trip The route: Starting in Wangaratta in the state’s north-east, this road trip winds its way some 500 kilometres through Victorian High Country to Metung in Gippsland Lakes area. Australia’s highest accessible sealed road takes in mountain ranges, deep valleys, wine regions and the sparkling waterways of the Gippsland Lakes region.This scenic beauty is interjected with quaint historic towns including Beechworth, Bright and Omeo.

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