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My great uncle could see the writing on the wall however, and a year after his father’s death he accepted an offer to purchase the company from the Lancashire Cotton Corporation, which had been set up by the Bank of England to rescue the cotton industry, and he was retained as managing director.

Sadly, he was one of twenty seven people killed during the V1 attack on Oldham on the morning of Christmas Eve 1944 when he was in his way to work on foot owing to the restrictions on the sale of petrol to the general public.

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The cottage was separated from the road by an ancient stone wall of local grey limestone covered in colourful patches of lichen and with ferns growing from between the stones in the shady places where the sun only shone at the height of summer.

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The small front garden in summer glowed with the multicolours of the profusion of old fashioned plants like hollyhocks and lupins.

A stone path led form the gate to a front door of dark oak which was indeed surrounded by an arch of white and pink rambling roses which filled the air with their sweet scent from late spring to early autumn. The mass migration of agricultural labourers to the industrial cities in the nineteenth century, and the increasing mechanisation of farming, resulted in a major decline in the rural population and many cottages fell into disrepair.

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