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Now a police source has described Wood’s husband, Hart-To-Hart star Robert Wagner, now 81, as ‘a person of interest’ in the case.

Wagner – who was on his yacht Splendour with his wife and her alleged lover, Oscar-winner Christopher Walken, on the fateful night – has always maintained Wood, 43, accidentally slipped and drowned as she drunkenly tried to tie up a dinghy against the boat.

On Not On Our Watch she served as executive director.

After that she became the White House correspondent for Politics Daily.

Moving on to her career life, she has worked for the Center for American Progress as the cultural correspondent.

and her wardrobe could prove she floated alive in dark water for hours while Robert Wagner allegedly stalled rescue efforts.Alex Wagner is an American journalist (born December 4, 1977). The year 2003 to 2007 become milestone towards her working career.The successful journalist is the anchor of daytime program now with alex wagner on msnbc. Looking deeply to her early life and educational background, she was born in Washington, D. She has worked as editor-in-chief of The Fader magazine, covering music and cultural movements from around the world.I've known this information for many, many years and my book has been out for two years.I'm not in it for any kind of profit, I'm in it for the justice of the whole situation.'Co-author of the book Ms Rulli said she believes the actresses death was inadequately investigated at the time, saying: 'The case was never really investigated in 1981, and yes, I am relieved they are going to give the case the attention it has always deserved.'I am confident it is in good hands at this time.

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