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Adults with illeal loops must be followed closely, because theres a chance that over time the loops may allow urine to back up into the kidneys.

Your thinking may be slower, you may be less facile with words, more hesitant in general and a little clumsier on your feet.Aging affects the central nervous system, decreasing sensation and balance. People with spina bifida experience the usual manifestations of age, but since spina bifida puts pressure on many body systems, age-related declines in affected areas may occur sooner or be more severe.Shunt failure happens to adults, even those whose shunts have not been working for years.Spinal cord tethering can occur for the first time at any age, although its more likely to occur if there has been a previous tethering and detethering, which may have created scarring.Tethering usually presents the same signs and symptoms in adults as in children: basically anything that changes below the level of the spina bifidathe level of the spine where the defect occurred.

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